Finger licking Flavours


Appam is a pancake made from fermented batter of rice and coconut milk.It is a dish from the Indian subcontinent especially from Southern India from the states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu.It is eaten in the breakfast and also in the dinner served with some curry or chutneys.The beauty of this dish lies in its saucer shape with crispy edges and soft bread like center.

Since I am a North Indian and my exposure to food  from South India few years back was limited only to idli ,dosa,sambhar and coconut chutney , some popular sweets and savoury snacks.I owe credit to my friend Lakshmi who was from Kerala for introducing me to such a lovely dish.Its her recipe that I have been following ever since I started making appams.The introduction of appam to me followed an indirect route that came via children.Lakshmi and Vinod  were a lovely couple and…

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